We take great pride in our work.
We put our heart into every project!

We are a passionate and highly skilled team of professionals who settle for nothing less than perfection in all our undertakings. With over a decade’s worth of experience in the construction industry, combined with an extensive network of partners, we ensure that each project we undertake is an example for quality, safety, value engineering, creativity and efficiency.

Our Services

Turnkey Design and Build Services

Space Planning and Detailed Concept Drawings of

Construction Drawings

We have a team of Architects and CAD Drafters who work on Construction Drawing Services in AutoCAD. We have experience of drafting and detailing highly complex Construction Drawings based on layering standards, presentation standards, line weight, fonts etc.

Project Management

At Hivee Construct our primary focus is successful project delivery, which we achieve by ensuring our systems align with your requirements. Our process documents are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your business and our skilled team of chartered project managers, builders and surveyors will guide you through every aspect of the works.

Strategic Material Sourcing

Building Materials Suppliers and Manufacturers are limited to companies licensed by DED, and registered in the professional engineering practice records at the Committee of Registration and Licensing the Practice of Engineering Consultancy and Contracting in the Emirate of Dubai, after meeting the required standards.

Authority Approvals

After getting the necessary license, it’s essential to obtain external approvals from government authorities to start your construction company, we can help you with it

  • Dubai Water and electricity authority – required to get all the basic amenities for the company
  • Drainage and irrigation department – approval for liquid waste management and other disposable services
  • Building Department and Dubai civil defence authority – this determines whether the construction company works as per the legal norms of construction or not. 


At Hivee Construct, the policies-in-practice all boil down to prioritizing the best interests of all parties involved and this includes the environment! The foundations of our policies are built on:

Protecting the quality and diversity of the local and global environment through implementation of our environmental policies. We develop systems of work which will identify all internal and external issues, so that we can effectively protect the environment by preventing pollution, reducing waste and minimizing consumption of resources.

Encouraging and influencing our suppliers, customers and all third parties involved, to consider the life cycle impacts of their activities in a combined effort to protect the environment. Prioritizing the safety and welfare of our customers, employees, the third parties involved and the public.

Ensuring that people are empowered to make safe choices and challenge unsafe acts. We provide competent advice and support, along with effective engagement and communication, to make sure that these decisions and interventions are successful.